Shwe Pyi Nann

  1. Shwe Pyi Nann Rose Thanakha is produced to be International standard and special quality by mixing the rose petals and Myanmar natural Shinmataung Thanakha proportionately.Rose petals are composed of vitamin C, minerals for beautiful complexion and pinholes.According to medical treatises in Roman Era, it was explicitly mentioned that roses were used for medicinal purpose sine BC-5000.By using the Shwe Pyi Nann Rose Thanakha permanently pleasing scent of rose will make to be fresh in mind and effect of rose petals will result the having healthy bloom, youthful and beautiful complexion.
  2. Shwe Pyi Nann Export Shinmataung Thanakha is made from Shinmataung Thanakha bark mixed with Myanmar medicinal herbs and purified by means of reverse osmosis system by the purifying machine made from America. You can have the following advantages by using export Shinmataung Thanakha produced from Thanakha barks.It protects you from sun ray and makes your skin smooth. It prevents you from aging. It saves your precious time and energy.
  3. Shwe Pyi Nann Whitening Thanakha is natural Thanakha which is produced to be International standard and help whitening and beautiful skin is made by natural new materials, such as lime (Vitamin C). Myanmar Thanakha and Alpha Hydroxyl Acid (AHA) produced from natural fruits that helps makes white and smooth skin.Apply Shwe Pyi Nann natural whitening Thanakha evenly in night time before to bed after cleaned the face, neck, hand etc.
    Cautions: Due to outstanding feature of Shwe Pyi Nann natural Whitening Thanakha, unescorted waste matters on the face will be removed. However, some people can be affected in coming out the rash and acne on their face due to outbreak of excessive unescorted waste matters. If it is so, don’t worry about it. By applying the Whitening Thanakha continuously acne and freckle on the face will be entirely removed and it makes youthful and beautiful complexion.


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