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Thanakha is Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic Obtained from it’s tree. It has been used in Myanmar since PYU Period (1st to 7th centuries). The Botanical name of Thanakha is “Limonia Acidissima”. It has no chemical or synthetic mixtures that might harm your skin. It has been mixed up with essential floral and herbal oil and water.

Thanakha can be found in the forest as natural vegetation. But nowadays, the farmers grow up as field cultivated, a tree must be over (25) years.

Thanakha is also used as a combination skin conditioner, perfume and cosmetic, helps prevent pimples. Not only its bark and root but the leaves are also used as a remedy.

By applying regularly, the skin will become fair, smooth and soft, also can protect the skin from sunburn.

Thanakha is a form of Cosmetic found nowhere else in the world.

Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha Company is the largest Thanakha Company in Myanmar. We have the world’s largest and only imposing Thanakha Museum in Bagan, our ancient culture region.

We have researched plantation show room regarding with (120) acre. Our Shwe Pyi Nann Co.,Ltd has been founded since 18 April 1991. We started only four employees at the beginning but now it is running with 200 employees. Shwe Pyi Nann Thanakha is made by first class natural Thanakha.

When Myanmar Thanakha is tested and analyzed in the laboratory, it is found that it contains natural cormorant and it can prevent UV (Ultra Violet) rays. For the best sake of our valued customer, Shwe Pyi Nann Company implements international quality management standards and got ISO 9001-2008 certification with certification Number (42599) of United Registrar of Systems (URS).


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