Top Cashew Nuts

A cashew is a kind of nuts which is very beneficial for health if we add them in our daily routine just like other food which we eat but in a balance form. Normally when we take 18 normal size cashews it gives us about 1 oz of nutrient, as excess of intake is not good in every kind of food so you should take cashews in a balance form. Cashew is a kind of nut which can serve our health in many ways.

Cashew nuts are significant sources of iron (essential for red blood cell function and enzyme activity), magnesium (promotes energy release and bone growth), phosphorus (builds bones and teeth), zinc (essential to digestion and metabolism) and selenium (has important antioxidant properties, thus protecting the body from cancer).
Normally the fat increases the cholesterol level in the body and results in heart diseases but there is a kind of fat which lessens the cholesterol level and prevent the heart diseases which is called monounsaturated fat, it is found in the raw cashews, about 75 percent of fats in raw cashews contains the fat which has low cholesterol content also this is the same type of fat which we get in olive oil.

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