Third Story Project Children’s Books (4)

Little Bear’s Hobby
Little Bear loves to paint but his father doesn’t respect his hobby and wants him to follow him in the family business of collecting honey. When his father has an accident, it becomes clear how appreciative people are of Little Bear’s talents

Singer from Flower City

Yadana the fairy could not fly like the other fairies and was teased because of her disability. She gets an opportunity one day to show everyone her true talents during a competition and achieves her dreams.

Jar Ni Wants to go to School
Jar Ni didn’t go to school because she was busy with chores at home. She loved to learn and her friends would teach her their lessons. With help from her friends and adults, Jar Ni finally got to go to school with her friends.

Playtime for Mee Su
Mee Su goes to school, helps her mom at the shop and studies hard, but her little doll misses playing with her. Mee Su looks sad because she hasn’t been able to play. Her little doll tries to convince Mee Su’s mom that playing is beneficial too.

Tale of Taungzalat
Kids loved to play amongst the trees that provided fresh air but one day the air became polluted and the trees and kids got sick. The villagers decided to go find the source and take action.

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