Third Story Project Children’s Books (7)

What Makes us Beautiful

A little girl is convinced she will only eat sweet things, thinks flowers are much better than trees and will only color with certain crayons. By the end of the day, she learns that diversity is what makes life beautiful.

Phway Phway Won’t Litter

Phway Phway’s cat, Phyu Ma, is sick. Her uncle, the veterinarian, explains to Phway Phway that Phyu Ma has eaten plastic from the snack packages that she litters in the yard. She learns about how litter can hurt all living things and understands why she shouldn’t litter.

Frog and Snake

A young frog and snake meet in the woods and become friends. When they get home, their mothers tell them they cannot play together because of their differences. The frog and snake have a difficult decision to make about their friendship.

The Flying Cat

A flying cat has trouble finding where he fits in. When a bear enters the woods and scares all the animals, he learns what is really important in life.

Pu Su’s Adventures

Despite the different villages never communicating with each other, little Pu Su decides to go exploring the other villages on her mountain and finds that they are remarkably similar despite looking very different.

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