Third Story Project Children’s Books (6)

A water pot, a scoop and a lid all provide nice cold water to passersby when they work together, but when they don’t, things go wrong.

Little Gray Umbrella
The Little Gray Umbrella is not colorful like the others but he’s strong and brave. It’s hard for others to see which quality is more important but in the end the little umbrella finds someone who appreciates him.

Deeku from Bamboo Forest
Deeku was a popular snack with all people and his friend, Bamboo Hat, wanted to be as helpful as Deeku. When Deeku is called on to save a local village, Bamboo Hat finds a way to be a hero.

Mi Mi Lay and Her Sandals
Mi Mi Lay loved her sparkly sandals but when she was playing, one of the sandals lost its sparkles. No longer useful, the sandals got angry with each other and felt bad. With some advice, the sandals found a way to be Mi Mi’s favorite again.

Teacher’s Book
The Third Story Project has created a teacher’s book to accompany the children’s books. Activities and discussion questions are included to help teachers communicate with their students about peace, diversity and tolerance. The curriculum relies on two-way communication and creativity for the classroom. The book was created by teacher trainers from Myanmar who have experience with storytelling and peace education.

Journey to Happy Land
Pu Lone leads his friends on a Journey to Happy Land but along the way they encounter many problems and fears, including other toys who are also going to Happy Land. In order to make it to Happy Land, they are going to have to overcome these issues and find a way to their dream.





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