Third Story Project Children’s Books (5)

Happy Journey
A little boat is very excited to see kids coming onboard and thinks that they will go on an exciting trip. Things aren’t what they seem to be and the little boat needs to find a way to save the day.

First Prize
Mal Nyein Chan was a goat who loved math and wanted to be an engineer. She couldn’t afford to go to tuition like her friends but in the end she finds a way to be successful.

Robot Footballer
This book with no words tells the story of a robot who is abducted while playing football with friends. Readers can easily understand what is going on based on the beautiful illustrations.

Once there was a snail with a beautiful shell who wanted to go and explore. Without his parents’ permission, he goes off exploring with his firend and gets himself into trouble. With the help of adults, he returns safely home. This book has hidden puzzles to further engage kids.

Maung Sola
This rhyming book tells the story of Maung Sola the Pencil who falls from a table and breaks in half. His friends help him realize he shouldn’t be sad and to look at the bright side.



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