Third Story Project Children’s Books (1)

Ei Si the Duckling

Ei Si was always treated differently from the rest of his family and wasn’t appreciated. Then one day his unique skills came in handy to save those who mistreated him in the past.

Thiri Goes to School

A little elephant girl who wants to go to school like the boys shows her village exactly how smart she is when visitors come to town.

Pone Pone’s Garden

Pone Pone has to prove herself to the rest of the monkeys when the head gardener decides to retire and find an able replacement. She not only outshines the others but leads them to achieve their goals together.

The Gardener

The head teacher at a rural school creates a beautiful garden with the students at his school. He is much loved but he tells his students that he is needed in another village that is facing environmental damage.


In class one day the teacher asks all the children what they want to be when they grow up. A little girl says she wants to be a superhero and the others doubt her. When she grows up she becomes a strong and brave hero who helps others.

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