Third Story Project Children’s Books (3)

For the Love of Trees

The little animals in the forest are good friends with the fish in the stream but because of deforestation they need to move and say goodbye to the fish family. But deforestation doesn’t just affect the forest dwellers and the fish family learns that they also face major issues when the trees are cut down.

Working Together

The rabbits and the dogs have never gotten along but they both realize they have a problem in their communities. Their bad behaviors have caused serious damage to the environment and they have to learn to work together to make their lives better.

Pho Maung Lay and Friends

Pho Maung Lay loves to play with his bird friends but one day he notices that they have been injured by what the villagers upstream have been doing. Pho Maung Lay goes to talk to the villagers to explain how their littering is harming his friends

Little Chicken Egg
A little chicken egg is very happy and wants to be a teacher when he grows up. The roosters start fighting in his area and his family is separated. Even though he is taken care of, he misses his family very much.

The Bridge by Pyoe Pyoe

One day a storm destroys a bridge between two communities and they blame each other instead of fixing the bridge. People can not got to school or the doctor until the villages finally decide to come together and build the bridge even stronger than before. This is the first book that was created without any words to inspire creative thought and spur imagination.

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