Third Story Project Children’s Books (2)

Everyone is Valuable
School friends learn that everyone is valuable and that we should appreciate our differences. Burmese, English, Zomi, Jingphaw, Mon, Shan, Rakhine, Pwo Karen, Pa-O, Sagaw Karen

Birds of a Feather
A crow and a cuckoo decide they are tired of birds living apart because they are different. Their behavior is the talk of all the other birds, but they explain that it is much easier to live as friends rather than fight like enemies. Burmese, English, Hakha, Jingphaw, Shan, Rakhine, Pwo Karen, Pa-O, Sagaw Karen

Swe Zin’s Dance

A cute little monkey who loves to dance decides to dress up like a little girl in order to join the dancing villagers. When they discover she is really a monkey she runs away. They find her and she is surprised that they, too, want to dance with her. Burmese, English, Mindat, Jingphaw, Mon, Shan, Rakhine

A Tale of Two Pots

A farmer has two pots. One is leaky and one is new. The new pot ridicules the old pot for being useless but the farmer surprises them both by explaining why both pots are valuable. Burmese, English, Pwo Karen, Shan

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