Ah May Htwar Peanut Oil

  • To get a good quality peanut oil fit for health, we use and produce only with qualified raw peanuts free from dust, sand and small stones.
  • To be clean from mold allergies, raw peanuts are dried under the hot sun at the upper region of Myanmar and then milled peanuts with the help of placing in the boiler with six layers.

  • To achieve a high-quality fresh peanut oil, we use machine from modern Germany (EP Machine) to create innovative technology used by steel mills grinding machine.
  • To be free from sediment and particles, the oil needs to cool and then purified with three modern Foreign Filter machine one after another.
  • In order to meet with health and safety standard, we only store in large steel oil storage tanks and carry with a large steel box transport.
  • Using only new crystal clear disposable bottles with AMH Logo label produced by Large new modern Japanese machine with new plastic resin to meet with health and safety standard.
  • To ensure the harmony of health, filling process into the bottles is done in the Air Con Room equipped with modern Japan Auto Filling Machine to avoid direct contact oil with hands.
  • The whole production process from raw peanuts to finished products, we only produce pure natural fresh peanut oil free from chemical mixture. For reliable consumption, deliver sample of oil to test in health laboratory on a regular basis.
  • Production is under TQM (Total Quality Management System) and with high-quality management system recognized by the Food and Drug Administration Department of Myanmar FDA. We also have an internationally recognized ISO certificates.
  • As parents to keep their children with warm loving heart, we also produce our products with full of love for the health of our valuable consumers in line with the slogan “AMH benevolence to you all” and everyone can consume our healthy products with confidence.


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