Interview with U Maung Ko Ko

In this week, we are going to make the Interview with U Maung Ko Ko who is General Manager of Shwe Yamone Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

1. We would like to begin the interview with some biographical information. Can you please let me know about yourself ?
My name is U Maung Ko Ko who is a General Manager and one of founder from Shwe Yamone Manufacturing Co., Ltd. with our Boss MD U Tun Aye. We studied and took the B.Sc(Zoology) in 1986 from Bassein Degree College and joined M.Sc(Q1) in Rangoon Art and Science University in 1987.

2. When did you become the General Manager of Shwe Yamone and How did you start it ?
In 1996, we started as Purchasing Manager in Pathein Thar Co., Ltd. with our boss U Tun Aye and Marketing Manager as Shwe Pathein Trading Co., Ltd. in 1998. In 2001, our boss MD U Tun Aye built Shwe Yamone Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and serve as General Manager till yet now .

3. What are the main products of your company/business ?
Our company is one of processing and exporting the Marine(Seafood) Products and lead the Seafood Exporting in Myanmar. Products are Sea Tiger, Black Tiger, Sea White, Sea Pink, Squid ,Cuttlefish and Value Added products. All are sea caught and harvest from natural farm.

4. Do you have factory or workshop by your own in Myanmar ?
We have 3 factories in Myanmar. One is Yangon which process and export the raw material of Shrimp with 400 workers. Another one is Yangon which process and export the Seafood Value Added Products with 200 workers. Next one is in Laputta, Delta area of Ayer Waddy Division which process the shrimp with 200 workers. Also, we have about 200 workers in our purchasing stations in our collecting area.

5. What are the main challenges you face as a Myanmar manufacturers ?
Our seafood business is in limited now because we prefer our natural catching in sea. So, we are facing the problem of raw material shortage. Natural Resources means as year by year less and less. Thus, we must do the developing the Aquaculture in farms like as Vietnam, Thailand, India, Indonesia and China.

6. Are you exporting to other countries ?
Japan is our main market as 50% of our export and other markets are China, Korea, HK, Taiwan, Middle East, USA and EU countries.

7. Do you have oversea Exports, Imports, Oversea Buyers and Trade Partners ?
We also import the Chicken from USA, Pork from Thailand and Japanese products from Japan for our local distribution by Pathein Thar Seafood Distribution in Yangon and the whole Myanmar as door to door system to home, school, restaurant, hotel ,airport and Embassy with our local seafood products by 24 hour services.

8. Do you want to say anything to our Web Portal ?
Welcome to visit and cooperate with our company for trading and invest the Aquaculture Farming with us. This is an opportunity in Myanmar for Seafood Business Developing in booming soon. Also, we hope to develop and cooperate with Web Portal.

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