Interview With Ko Nyein Chan

In this week, we are going to make an Interview with Ko Nyein Chan who is the Manager of Peking Century Egg.

1.We would like to begin the interview with some biographical information. Can you please let me know about yourself ?

Well I am Nyein Chan, 28 years old. And I got my Bachelor Degree from University of Computer Studies Yangon. Also, I am taking a responsibility of an internal auditor of Myanmar Livestock Federation. At the beginning of this year, I got a chance to learn about Local Industries development in Agriculture of Management and Marketing in Japan as a representative of Myanmar.

2.When did you become the Manager of Peking Century Egg and How did you start it ?

Actually, This is our family business, established since my grandfather days. So at that time I finished my university, I started to work at LwinWholesale, family business and just learning on the job for a few years under my father’s shadow. Now, in my days , I try to improve the quality of products and always care about nothing of our product is harmful to our valuable consumer . So, There is the nutritious fact table on the Peking Century Eggs packaging.

3. What are the main products of your company/business ?

In wholesale , we do fresh eggs (chicken, Duck and quail) and Century eggs especially. In Retail sector, we sell the peking century egg with new look (modern packing) at all the ABC convenience store and other supermarket.

4. Do you have factory or workshop by your own in Myanmar ?

The address is No (637) , Bayint Naung Rd , West Ywar Ma , Insein , Yangon. We operate the business with around 15 – 20 staff and workers.

5. What are the main challenges you face as a Myanmar manufacturers ?

Yes, the main challenges I want to mention are
a. Technology- we need better technology to compete with the product of neighboring countries.
b. Standard of hatchery farm- need to improve the traditional way to international standard.
c. losing interest in breeding- Many active young men in rural area are willing to go to the city, or to go out of country , abroad

6.Are you exporting to other countries ?

we still not export to other countries.

7. Do you want to say anything to our Web Portal ?

MadeInMyanmar Web Portal is good for Myanmar’s products and can be found all together in one place. Also it can built trust between buyer and suppliers by watching interview with manufacturer.

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