Myanmar Honey Farms

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Buld A-1, Room No.(010), Sabal Street, Yuzana Highway Complex, Kamayut Township, Yangon, The Republic of the Union of MYANMAR.

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+95-9-974 285 018, 423 556 689

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+95-01-227 638, 67-8100 166

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Currently, in Myanmar we are producing and collecting Varieties Honeys such as:

  • Jujube Honey
  • Niger Honey
  • Sunflower Honey
  • Multifloral Honey
  • Lychee Honey
  • Sesame Honey
  • Spiderwort Honey

Honey Plants In Myanmar

  • Crops
    Sunflower, Sesame, Niger, Mustard, Lablab bean, Legumes, Mung bean, Green pea, Pumpkin, Gourd, Cucumber, Water melon, Cotton, Jute, Oil crops, Vegetable, industrial crops are grown on a commercial scale.
  • Orchard Fruits
    Plum, Lemon, Citrus fruit, Orange, Grapefruit, Lychee, Mango, Avocado are also grown commercially.
  • Weeds and Forest Trees
    Ever green forests, deciduous forests mangrove cover 2/3 of the land of the country. Weeds such as hot pepper, Pinkuhtaitepake, Country mallow, Spanish needle and Forest trees such as Kapok, Acacia, Teak, Indian gum, Arabic tree, Cherry, Rubber, Thabya, Thitya, Ingyin, Padauk, Latpan and Thanakha are abundant in the forests contributing to the plenty of feed.

Honey Production In Myanmar

Yearly, total production honey in Myanmar is estimated about over 5000 Matric Tons. Out of total production range in Myanmar, our Myanmar Honey Farms Co.,Ltd produced from our own beekeeping teams and purchased from others beekeepers has reached about 2000 Matric Tons per years since our demand and market has increased year by year.


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